We recently entered into a unique partnership with Produlab Pharma from Raamsdonksveer. They are a renowned manufacturer of liquid and semi-solid veterinary medicines with more than 25 years of knowledge and experience.

Produlab is currently building a new factory hall at the Dombosch industrial estate in Raamsdonksveer. Pro-Fa gets to develop the production automation for this new hall in the coming months, with all machines based on Wonderware software. In addition to the SCADA set-up, we will implement a flexible formula solution with full traceability. It is a great project and we are proud to be able to contribute to it.

Establishment of cooperation

Ruud van den Doel, Managing Director of Produlab Pharma, explains how our collaboration started: “For the new 12,000 square meter complex, we were looking for a partner who could map out and further develop the total industrial automation, and also implement these industrial automation solutions. At an earlier stage, our consultant, who is active in Pharma, has already had a positive cooperation with Pro-Fa before. This was one of the reasons why we invited them as one of the system integrators.

Before we chose Pro-Fa, we first selected several system integration companies and invited them to give a demonstration based on the requirements we set. They have shown that they really understand the processes and are not just software-oriented like the other companies.

Within our organization, colleagues from different disciplines were involved in various workshops in which we went through the processes and identified and mapped the problems and the areas for improvement. This allowed us to get a better idea of how Pro-Fa could help us as an organization. The workshops were a very positive experience for us and the Pro-Fa team knew exactly what they were doing.

Due to the ever-increasing quality requirements for veterinary medicines, the products must meet the strictest quality standards. As an organization we guarantee this to our customers. The process includes high-quality installations and equipment that must be cleaned and often sterilized after each batch. All process installations in the new factory hall will be linked to Wonderware software.

In this new factory hall veterinary medicines are produced in special air-treated and sterile rooms. Our customers invest a lot of money in research, so the process must be as efficient as possible, with high quality raw materials and semi-finished products. Our end products are under constant control of the quality assurance department. To keep monitoring everything properly, we ensure that the KPIs are linked to the production databases and Pro-Fa helps us with that!